Record every minute!

Easy to use

See all the projects you are working on at a glance. Start working on a project? Tap it. It will start keeping track of your time.

Send Reports

Need to report your time to your client? WorkTimer can handle that for you. Generate a report and email it, quickly and easily.


  • Multiple Clients

    Working on multiple projects for multiple clients? WorkTimer can hold them all. Not currently working with a client? No problem, just hide them just in case you work with them in the future!

  • Reports

    Report your hours worked in a number of formats, including CSV for easy importing into Excel.

  • Backup with Dropbox

    With an optional Dropbox account you can always be sure that your data is safely backed up.

  • Available for iPhone and iPad

    WorkTimer is a universal app, so it will work on all your devices.